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Working with qartt is simple. Join now and request a driver on the app whenever you need one.

A member of our team will be at your business within 7 minutes; ready to impress your customer with a blazing fast delivery.

qartt will allow you to focus on your product, making life easier and saving you the hassle and expense of managing your own delivery team

Fastt Delivery

We promise a member of our team will be with you within 7 minutes

Reliable Service

Our team is made up of experienced professionals. You never have to worry about a driver failing to show up

Costt Effective

Using qartt is easier, cheaper and more reliable than running your own in-house delivery service

Robustt Technology

No more guessing!
Find the exact location of your deliveries with real-time tracking[Coming soon]
on the qartt app

 qartt is Changing the Delivery Game

Tired of dealing with broken down bikes, sick riders, and missing deliveries?

qartt takes all the headache out of delivery. Your customers want a fast and reliable service. Our team makes you look good!

The qartt team is on call for you 7 days a week. When you need something delivered fast, qartt is your best option.


Simple Pricing

Have a clear view over your delivery cost with our easy and affordable billing options. You're always in control.

Never Miss a Delivery

Shorthanded? Not with qartt. We are always available for deliveries, even on snowy days

Professional Deliveries

Customer service is everything. We make you look great to your customers. Check out your reviews.

What qartt Delivers

Here at qartt we aren’t just in the delivery business. We are in the happiness business.

People love your business—that’s why they want your products delivered. Our mission is to make your customers happy by delivering your incredible food, flowers, or anything else, with our fast, friendly, and efficient service.

We make you happy by taking all the pain out of offering a delivery service

Grow Your Business

Expand your service area and use the power of the Internet to grow your business when you partner with qartt

Simple Ordering

We know you're busy running your business. With our simple app getting a driver is only 3 clicks away

Real Time Tracking

With the qartt app, you will always know exactly where your deliveries are. We handle all the technical details


Why Hire One Driver When You Can Get a Fleet

Our on demand delivery service platform provides you access to a pool of drivers in order to complete any order to anywhere.


What Our Customers are Saying

Affordable Pricing

Our competitive pricing is designed to suit businesses with any on-demand delivery requirements


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  • Ideal for 2 miles range
  • Target local customers
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  • Ideal for 3 miles range
  • Cover wider area
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  • For delivery focused businesses
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Deliver with qartt now and be your own boss with  flexible  schedule and  Quick pay 

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